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Eads Broadcasting Corporation
PO Box 749 , Albany , OR 97355
36991 KGAL Drive , Lebanon , OR 97355

ph: 541-926-8683  541-451-5425
fax: 541-451-5429

Organizations Seeking Job Openings and Listings
If your group or organization would like to me notified when we are seeking applications for current or future job openings please provide us with the following information: (1) Name of your Organization (2) Mailing Address (3) Email Address (4) Phone Number (5) Fax Number (6) Contact Person and (7) the nature of your organization. We will place you on a list of organizations to be notified when we are seeking applicants for future of current positions at Eads Broadcasting. You can send us the required information to Human Resources, Eads Broadcasting Corporation, PO Box 749, Albany, OR 97321. Also you can fax us required information to Human Resources, Eads Broadcasting Corporation at 541-451-5429 or email us at: Eads Broadcasting is an equal opportunity employer.
Eads Broadcasting Corporation Annual 2013 EEO Public File Report Eads Broadcasting Corporation 2013 EEO Report.
Eads Broadcasting Corporation Annual 2012 EEO Public File Report Eads Broadcasting Corporation 2012 EEO Report.
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KGAL-AM & KSHO-AM broadcast to the Mid-Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. Their associated websites and the stations’ “brother” site stream the entire world!
Among the local communities served in Oregon are Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon and Salem.
PO Box 749 Albany, Oregon 97321
36991 KGAL Drive Lebanon, Oregon 97355
(541) 926-8683 (541) 451-5425 Fax (541) 451-5429